About San Poil Treatment Center

Our beautiful 30,000 square foot residential treatment facility has 46 beds and specializes in addressing the needs of the Native American population, offering a treatment program that incorporates the traditional values and distinctiveness of our Native American clients and combines these values with modern medicine throughout the treatment process. Nestled among lakes, rivers, and forests, and surrounded in rich Native American culture, the San Poil Treatment Center is a place of healing and rediscovering your heritage, community, and self.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of evidence-based residential substance abuse treatment that supports, celebrates and integrates the traditional healing practices of Indigenous people. We are focused on helping clients find their way back to their families and their culture.

Traditional teachings and cultural activities are integrated into the treatment program through ongoing client-centered collaborations between the cultural specialists and other behavioral health providers.  Our modern treatment of chemical addiction meet or exceed the requirements of evidence-based standards. Each client is dynamic and the determination of a client’s treatment plan and recommended length of stay is specific to each person. This decision is based upon a combination of clinical and professional recommendations, as well as collaboration with the client. Transition planning begins the moment the client is admitted to the treatment center and is designed to support and continue the progress made during residential treatment through customized discharge placements appropriate to each case; this will include options for transitional housing in the near future.

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Our treatment plans are designed specifically for each resident.