The Team at San Poil

With a full staff of clinical cultural specialists, licensed mental health clinicians, chemical dependency treatment providers, peer support specialists, case managers, nurses, and administrative support personnel, the San Poil Treatment Center specializes in addressing the unique needs of the Native American population.

Our counseling staff includes experts in the following areas:

Counselors & Skills Coaches

Our counselors are offered paid continuing education and training, allowing them to provide clients with the most effective and cutting-edge programming available. A primary counselor is assigned to each client to help them develop and implement a treatment program. The primary counselor gets to know the client to provide an individualized treatment experience. 

In addition to our counseling services on chemical dependency, treatment is enhanced through the use of additional physical activities, sweat lodges for both men and women, gardening opportunities, and additional information regarding parenting, child impact of addiction, and the overall health of each client moving forward.  

Other team members, such as the mental health and medical teams, aid in the diagnosis and/or medication needs to help stabilize the client allowing them to focus on chemical dependency treatment.

Charley Thomas

Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee

Randolph Tonasket

Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee

Jewel Harper-Simon

Chemical Dependency Professional

Ron Kramer

Chemical Dependency Professional

Connie Lawler

Chemical Dependency Professional

Aisha Stout

Chemical Dependency Professional

Jasmyne Redstar

Recovery Coach

Stephanie Stead

Recovery Coach

Michael Joseph

Clinical Cultural Specialist

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of evidence based residential substance abuse treatment that supports, celebrates and integrates the traditional healing practices of indigenous people. We are focused on helping clients find their way back to their families and their culture.

Did You Know?

We have staff members who specialize in language revitalization and incorporate Indigenous languages into our healing programs.