The Volunteer Application Process can take anywhere from 1 week up to 30 days pending review and final background check results. The applicants will be screened by the review board to ensure no conflicts of interest, so please review the Volunteer Policy before applying. The Volunteer will have to re-apply annually to ensure no changes have occurred and may not be given hours if a conflict of interest arises.

Application Process

  1. Complete application and send to SPTC “Volunteer Coordinator”
    • Email: SPTC@colvilletribes.com
    • Fax: (509) 634-2052
    • Mail: 11614 Hwy 21 S, Keller, WA 99140
    • Drop off: Government Building Nespelem, HHS Receptionist
  2. Volunteer coordinator will contact approved applicants to schedule an interview (via Zoom or phone)
  3. Volunteer coordinator to send approved application to HHS Staff Credentialing Manager for further processing